“It’s hard to put into words how much Tom Butler & Coastal Crusaders have given to Louis and in turn, to us as a family. What they have all achieved over the past year is incredible. To watch Louis & Aiden gain in self worth & belief &, as a result, achieve what they have is priceless. Tom & all involved, have given them a purpose & a future by telling them “you can.” For that we will always be grateful.”

Suzanne, Louis' mum
Louis and Aiden

“I am so immensely proud of Aiden’s achievement. Sport is Aiden’s passion and purpose in life and he is now able to support others like him to experience the freedom of the ocean. Aiden is an incredible role model and is proof that disability or neurodivergence does not stop you from living your very best life.”

Vicky, Aidan's mum

“I’ve been in a full-time caring role looking after my mum since I was 7 or 8, so I’ve never been able to experience a ‘normal’ childhood as a result.”

“As someone who hates being pushed into things, the fact I was encouraged to join in rather than being made to is amazing, thank you Coastal Crusaders.”

Young Adult Carer

The fact we get to do beach activities is really cool, because I would never usually get to visit the coast. The break helps me return to my caring role in better spirits.

Ali, Young Adult Carer

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